Demo of responsive web application to gather data elements for HRSA’s Clinical Measures

Example of a responsive web page example

Sample mobile web application to obtain clinical measures

The first part of this article is Mobile Application to Gather HRSA Clinical Measures, where we describe the tool we are using to gather the HRSA Core Clinical measures. In this article, we provide links to demos showing how the the survey pages look in in a traditional web browser and the mobile browser.

Note: This mobile application is not an official application of the HRSA. The use of the HRSA logo in the application is just to show the white labeling feature. In your case, we would be using your Health Center’s logo.

If you are using a traditional browser right now:

  1. Click here to watch how it looks in a traditional browser.
  2. Click here to watch how it looks within a mobile phone.

If you are using a mobile telephone right now:

  1. Click here  to watch how it looks within a mobile phone.

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