Mobile Application to Gather Data Elements for HRSA Clinical Measures

Mobile application for HRSA Survey

Using a Mobile Application to gather HRSA Core Clinical Measures

In this article we describe and present demos of a mobile application to gather HRSA’s clinical measures. The application presents a survey created with Tell Me Box©, a system we have been using for quite some time to develop solutions for the healthcare industry. Tell Me Box© is, among other things, a customer satisfaction survey system that allows for the quick deployment of a responsive, web-based questionnaire. The tool’s flexibility allows for creating complete applications with menus, multimedia content  (text, video, audio), hand-written signatures, chat, and many more.

There are many reasons  why we like to use Tell Me Box© for healthcare applications:

  1. Its HIPAA-compliant.
  2. It allows for the validation of users as  participants of an HRSA program, before allowing them to fill the questionnaire.
  3. Tell Me Box© generates alerts.
  4. The tool  provides a statistics dashboard. Also, ir generates automatic daily/weekly/monthly reports with the resulting statistics.
  5. You can white label the mobile applications.
  6. Users can access the mobile applications using many channels.

Many options to access the HRSA survey

The HRSA  surveys produced by Tell Me Box© can be accessed using many communication channels, including downloads via the Apple and Google stores and SMS  (see examples below). This capability comes out of the box. That is, Tell Me Box© generates the survey  as a web-based mobile application, with a logo at the top of the screen, then the sequence of questions. Each question has its own page with a progress bar which gives the customer the feeling that they are advancing quickly through the questions.

This is how users can have access to the HRSA survey.

  1. Visit to website

    The survey can be presented in a page, or within a widget located in the page. Figure 1 shows how the HRSA survey looks in a web page or widget. Please note that, although we are using the HRSA logo, this is not an official application sponsored by the agency. We are using the logo just to demonstrate the white labeling capabilities (you can use any logo or text in that area).

    HRSA browser-based application
    Figure 1: Sample question in traditional browser
  2. Using the mobile phone’s browser

    Since Tell Me Box© survey’s pages are  “responsive”, the question’s page  looks good on any browser, it doesn’t matter whether the browser is traditional or a mobile one. Figure 2 shows the HRSA survey as a “wep app” (as opposed to “native app”). Figure 2 shows how the page renders in the phone’s “little” browser. You can observe that an http address has been entered at the top of the page.


  3. Downloading the application via the Apple or Google Stores

    If you don’t want users to type the http address , the Tell Me Box© page can present itself as a hybrid application via Android or iPhone telephones.

  4. Using a QR Code

    HRSA Surveys can be accessed by means of a QR Code that is scannable with the mobile phone. The code can be placed in posters, letters, envelopes, etc. intended to promote the HRSA survey.  When the user scans the QR Code, which is  automatically generated by Tell Me Box©, a web page will be presented in the telephone’s web browser (refer to Figure 2).

    QR Code to Access HRSA Survey Application
    Figure 3: Sample QR Code to Access HRSA Survey Application


  5. HRESA Survey sent via email

    Another way in which users can access the survey is by clicking on a link or button that is included as part of an email message that promotes the use of the HRSA survey.

  6. Survey sent via text (SMS) message

    The HRSA survey can also be reached by means of a link that is delivered as a text message (SMS) or push notification to the user’s phone. Check this article that describe how we integrate surveys to Queue Management Systems. See demo below.

Would you like to see a web-responsive demo?

We have created a demo application to showcase the HRSA Clinical Measures survey. Please note that the application has a set of questions that can be modified in a matter of minutes. You can also add more questions within each critical measure. For example, in the diabetes measure, you can further ask if the patient’s feet has been examined.  Click the button to watch the demo.

Would you like to access the HRSA survey using a QR Code?

You can find the QR code example here.

Would you like to access the HRSA survey using a text message?

Prepare you telephone to send a  text message to the following number…

Why Tell Me Box© and not Survey Monkey?

Survey Monkey is nowadays one of the most popular solutions for cloud-based online surveys. It is specially useful for email marketing efforts. There are a couple of reasons why Tell Me Box© is a better solution than Survey Monkey to gather clinical measures.

Tell Me Box© validates whether the user is enrolled into a specific program before presenting the survey
You define the data that users must enter to prove participation, then Tell Me Box© enables access to the depending on the criteria. 
It’s mobile-ready, no need to use APIs to be able to present the survey in a native app

With Tell Me Box©, you don’t need to create a native application, then write code using Survey Monkey’s API to access the survey. Our tool generates the survey as a webapp that is immediately available in any mobile platform (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.). If you prefer the convenience of downloading the application from the Google or Apple stores, the survey can be wrapped up in native code and make it available within a short time.

It allows the definition of alerts, and making chats requests depending on the user’s responses.


Alerts can be generated in cases where the critical measure has not been met. This will allow Centers to be proactive and contacting patients that need to take preventive medical tests.

Chat-based support

Any time we Tell MeBox© get a telephone number, the system is able to initiate a chat conversation between the user and a representative in the contact center.

Tell Me Box© is a part of a turn-key solution

Lastly, but not the least important reason is that, Survey Monkey is just a survey system, whereas we are a turn-key provider.. Being a cloud and service company, we can assist you in all dimensions of the survey delivery, not just providing a tool to create the survey and sending it via email. These are some of the areas where we can assist you:

  1. We can create and maintain the survey for you.
  2. For customers interested in delivering the survey via Apple or Google stores, we can offer….
    • Hybrid solutions to present surveys as downloadble applications.
    • Landing pages with links to the download pages. Landing page and will incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to allow participants to find the page quickly.
    • We can provide you with a QR code that can be scanned to access the landing page.
  3. For customers interested in delivering the survey via a responsive, web app,
    • We can help you obtain the domain name and configure the Domain Name Servers to point to your survey.
    • We provide you a QR code that you can use in your promotional material so that users can scan it and go directly to the webpage without having to type the address on the address bar (http:// … ).
  4. If you want to deliver the survey via a text message,
    • We provide the SMS engine to deliver surveys via text messages.
  5. Although we provide a statistics dashboard, we can prepare custom reports to fit your needs. If you don’t like to connect to the website to obtain the data when you need it, we can configure the system to deliver the results directly to you, with the periodicity of your choice.

Would you like to talk to us? Let us know what your needs are.


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