Demo of QR code used to gather HRSA’s Core Clinical Measures

Using QR codes to gather data elements for HRSA clinical measures

The first part of this article is Mobile Application to Gather HRSA Clinical Measures, where we describe the tool we are using to gather the HRSA Core Clinical measures. In this article, we provide links to demos showing how you can access the mobile application using a QR code.

Note: This mobile application is not not an official application of the HRSA. The use of the HRSA logo in the application is just to show the white labeling feature. In your case, we would be using your Health Center’s logo.

You must be using a cellular phone to see this demo.

How to open web pages using QR Code readers

  1. You must download a QR Code Reader from the Apple or Google store. There are many readers, just type “qr code” in your phone’s search bar, select one and proceed to install it.
  2. Reading a QR code is very similar to taking a picture. Just open the reader and point the camera to the squared symbol.
  3. The reader will proceed to scan the image
  4. The image will be processed, and
  5. A web page will be opened.

Usually, steps 2, 3, and 4 happen very fast.

During the past months, Google and Apple have been embedding software in Android and iOS so that users can scan QR Codes without having to download a third party application.

Instructions for the demo

You must be using a cellular phone to see this demo.

  1. Use your QR code reader to scan this QR Code:

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